Thermochromic effects

Thermochromic effects

Thermochromic inks change color according to the temperature applied to them.

Thermochromic inks for the realization of temperature and interactive impressions indicators:

  • Freshness indicator: 15 ° C (59 ° F)
  • Stress Indicator / Body Temperature – Body Heat: 31 ° C (88 ° F)
  • Heat indicator: 47 ° C (117 ° F)

Body Heat thermochromic inks:

Body Heat thermochromic inks discolor under the effect of the temperature of the human body or more generally above a temperature of 30-31 ° C.( Include Farenheit) The thermochromic pigments are encapsulated and can change color reversibly. When the temperature reaches the turning temperature, the color begins to disappear until the ink becomes almost colorless (± 2 ° C) (Include Farenheit). As soon as the temperature drops below the turning temperature, the ink returns to its original color.