UV screen printing ink. The 2AMX series is a versatile ink for printing on rigid substrates.

EvoJet 1710 is used for decoration markets and industrial applications. The Evojet 1710 ink jet UV LED series is formulated without CMR substance.

The EvoJet 1900 inkjet UV LED series is a reliable solution for Kyocera printheads.


UV screen printing ink. Evopack ink series is designed for printing on soft, semi-rigid and rigid plastic materials used the container and packaging decoration. Evopack is also a very good alternative to our 2AMX ink series in the marking of front panels made of rigid plastics.

Solvent based screen-printing ink. The GLOSSTAG series is formulated for high quality printing in the fields of industrial labels, membrane keypads, and all kinds of industrial marking.  

Pad printing ink. The HQ-PAD series is a single component ink for universal use in the industry.    

Solvent based screen-printing ink. The MATTYTAG series is formulated for demanding applications such as graduated scales, front panels, billboards.


Solvent-based pad printing ink. MG-PAD ink series has perfect adhesion on glass and metal substrates.

MONO-PAD is a mono-component pad printing ink intended for industrial applications on untreated polypropylene. Compatible with all types of inkwells.

UV LED screen printing ink. UVHDPLAST is designed for printing on various plastic materials, especially used in the container and packaging industry: rigid or semi-rigid flame treated containers in PET, treated PP and treated PE (cosmetic bottles, cartridges, cans, capsules…). UVHDPLAST is an ink classified NON CMR.