UV screen printing ink. The 2AMX series is a versatile ink for printing on rigid substrates.

Solvent-based screen printing ink The 6800 ink series is an ink that can be used to print a wide variety of rigid media.

Solvent-based screen printing ink. The 7800 ink series is designed to print on high quality self-adhesives, requiring a great resistance to outdoor exposure, and high light-fastness resistance (vehicle decoration).

Solvent-based screen printing ink. The epoxy ink series 8500 has been developed for metal and glass printing.

Solvent-based screen printing ink. The 9800 ink series is suitable for printing on polyolefin and rigid plastics  

Solvent-based pad printing ink. The D-PAD series is one component ink for universal use. You can print of all types of objects.

UV Digital ink. The Evojet 1700 series is suitable for visual communication on a wide variety of media.

UV screen printing ink. Evopack ink series is designed for printing on soft, semi-rigid and rigid plastic materials used the container and packaging decoration. Evopack is also a very good alternative to our 2AMX ink series in the marking of front panels made of rigid plastics.

MG-PAD Pad Printing ink for Glass and metal - Encres DUBUIT

Solvent-based pad printing ink. MG-PAD ink series has perfect adhesion on glass and metal substrates.


Solvent-based screen printing ink. The PL series has been developed for glass printing.