Encres DUBUIT-SCREEN PRINTING-Special Effect-Fluorescent

UV fluorescence UV Fluorescent effects are created by a powder of which certain specific substances have the property, under specific conditions, of converting the absorbed light energy by re-emitting radiation. The fluorecent effects are made by powder, which is integrated in a solvent-based varnish or in a UV varnish. Some substances possess the property of producing a fluorescent effect only […]

These inks contain glitter particles. The brilliant and sparkling effect is produced by specular reflection of light from the many surfaces of the platelets with parallel orientation at various depths within the coating film. Light striking the platelets is partially reflected and partially transmitted through the platelets. More transparent than coated mica, these sequins provide more chroma, more depth and […]

Mirror Silver inks H5996 and Mirror Plus H6000 are solvent based screen printing inks for creating mirror-like surfaces or having the appearance of chromium. The mirror effect is created only when printed on the reverse side of the materials (second surface print) and when viewed through the top of the first surface of the substrate. Mirror Silver Plus H6000 provides […]

These inks contain pearlescent or nacreous particles, mica platelets coated with thin layers of titanium dioxide (silver white) and / or metallic oxide (metallic pearls and interference pearls). Pearlescent effect is produced by specular reflection of light from the many surfaces of the platelets with parallel orientation at various depths within the coated film. The light striking the platelets is […]

Encres DUBUIT-SCREEN PRINTING-Special Effect-Phosphorescent

The phosphorescent effect is achieved by a phosphorescent powder. Photo luminescent pigments are characterized by their ability to absorb and store light energy and then re-emit this energy over a period of time, even in the dark. Low duration yellowish green phosphorescent powder AM 9167 Long-lasting greenish-yellow phosphorescent powders AM 9261 / AM 9062 Phosphorescent powders : Yellow, Red, Blue, […]

Encres DUBUIT-SCREEN PRINTING-Special Effect-Scatch-off

Scratch off inks are high opacity security printing inks used to conceal underlying data or messages. These products are formulated to provide clean and easy removal with a fingernail or coin. They are used in the printing of instant lottery tickets, commercial games (in magazine inserts, for example), and direct mail, for amusement and promotional purposes. UV Scratch Off inks […]

Inks with a slate effects (Black HMA 3586 UV Slate, HMA 3803 UV Slate) and Scraper UV Inks (Brown UV Scraper HMA 3802, UV Scraper Varnish HMA 3801) are special inks for the printing of slates, scrapers, match boxes or nail files. Although textured, the varnish film has good resistance to pencil and scratch. HMA3586, 3801, 3802 and 3803 are […]

Encres DUBUIT-SCREEN PRINTING-Special Effect-Thermochromic

Thermochromic inks change color according to the temperature applied to them. Thermochromic inks for the realization of temperature and interactive impressions indicators: Freshness indicator: 15 ° C (59 ° F) Stress Indicator / Body Temperature – Body Heat: 31 ° C (88 ° F) Heat indicator: 47 ° C (117 ° F) Body Heat thermochromic inks: Body Heat thermochromic inks […]

Encres DUBUIT-SCREEN PRINTING-Special Effect-Chrome UV

UV Chrome H5999 are ready-to-use UV screen inks to create a reflective metallic surface with the appearance of chromium, which is close to the rendering of a silver hot-stamping film. It can be used in different fields of application: graphic, POP, object, label, card, membrane, etc. Chrome UV H5999 mirror ink is a silicone-free ink.