Encres DUBUIT & pad printing solutions


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Encres DUBUIT & pad printing solutions
24 February 2020 cbonnafoux
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Encres DUBUIT & pad printing solutions

Pad printing is suitable for a wide range of application and substrate (PP, ABS,  PVC, wood, glass, metal, textile….).

Thanks to its capacities to print complex shape and its cost effectiveness pad printing process is widely used in the industrial word. Pad printing is used in all industries for decorative or functional markings: automotive, toys, office or advertising articles, beverageindustry, electrical appliance, house appliance…

Encres DUBUIT has developed specific opaque color to match the highest requirement and quality.

  • D-PAD: universal ink
  • C-PAD: rotative pad printing ink
  • MG-PAD: ink for glass and metal
  • E-PAD: halogen free ink for glass in touch screen
  • Mono-PAD: ink for non treated PP
  • Tagless: textile ink

Toute l’équipe Encres DUBUIT sera ravie de vous accueillir sur son stand à la DRUPA du 16 au 26 Juin HALL3 / Stand F57

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