India: Color matching laboratory in Pune

Encres Dubuit has partnered with MS Omega to open in Pune (State of Maharashtra) a technical center dedicated to color matching.

Opened in April 2011, the center is now fully operational and has 8 full time employees.

Our contribution to the partnership has been to train technicians, provide advice for equipment, and to duplicate our quality management system.

The main markets targeted are the automotive, electronics, graphic and object markets with screen printing UV and solvent based inks. The main series of ink used are Multiplus, UVS, the Starflex (membranes), the 24800, and the 32800.

Meet Encres Dubuit Lille

Do you know Lille ? This city is located in the north of France, 2 hours by car from Paris.

Encres Dubuit operates there an agency, dedicated to the stretching of screens (up to 2 meters).

Here is a quick "visite guidée".

We have another agency in Lyon (south-est) for the stretching also, and a third in Noisy-Le-Grand (Paris suburb).

ScreenMesh is able to handle large format screens thanks to its Grünig automatic machine (8 meters by 3). To watch a video, click there.


We are launching the D-Pad.

It's an universal satin/gloss pad printing ink available in 1 or 2 components, compatible with all existing open or closed systems.

It provides an excellent adhesion as well as guarantees an excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.
To develop this ink, we worked with the best: Teca Print.

Member of the Dubuit Group, Teca Print is a worldwide reference in the field of manufacturing of pad printing machines.

Based in Switzerland, the company has acquired a large experience in the automobile and watch making industries.

To download the production information click here

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